Rethinking Rest

We had an amazing Launch Party for the premier of Rethinking Rest!
Over 50 people showed up at the IKE Box Cafe in Salem, OR.

I signed books, read excerpts, and told stories about how it all came together.

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What is # W M P T B A T T D?
It’s the one question everyone must ask in their quest for rest.
“What’s My Place To Be And Thing To Do?”

Welcome… I’m Gregory Hall the host of the Rethinking Scripture Podcast and its related website

Rethinking Rest is the first “Rethinking Scripture Project.” I’ve discovered that biblical rest is so much more than a one-day-a-week ritual. I’ll even venture to say… it’s not at all whatyou think it is. Rest is a fully-developed theology that begins in Genesis and it spans the entire biblical text.

I invite you to venture into the pages of Scripture with me. We will discover how your “place to be” and “thing to do” is the key to Christ’s offer of rest. Here’s the irony – we find rest while in pursuit of the specific work we were created to do.

This site includes a seven-week small-group study on biblical rest. Including Bible lessons, video teaching, a sermon on rest, and some blog posts also on topic.

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