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What is # W M P T B A T T D?
It’s the one question everyone must ask in their quest for rest.
“What’s My Place To Be

And Thing To Do?”

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Welcome… I’m Gregory Hall the host of the Rethinking Scripture Podcast and its related website

Rethinking Rest is the first “Rethinking Scripture Project.” I’ve discovered that biblical rest is so much more than a one-day-a-week ritual. I’ll even venture to say… it’s not at all whatyou think it is. Rest is a fully-developed theology that begins in Genesis and it spans the entire biblical text.

I invite you to venture into the pages of Scripture with me. We will discover how your “place to be” and “thing to do” is the key to Christ’s offer of rest. Here’s the irony – we find rest while in pursuit of the specific work we were created to do.

This site includes a seven-week small-group study on biblical rest. Including Bible lessons, video teaching, a sermon on rest, and some blog posts also on topic.

Listen to an episode where I discuss this project in a little more detail.

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Latest Blog Posts

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    The Year of Jubilee, also known as the Jubilee Year, is an important concept found in the Old Testament of the Bible, specifically in the book of Leviticus. It was a special year that occurred every 50 years in the agricultural and social life of the ancient Israelites. The Jubilee Year was designed to provide … Continue reading
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    The concept of being made in the image of God is a crucial idea found in various religious traditions. This belief suggests that human beings have a unique dignity and worth as they reflect specific aspects of God’s nature. In episode 75 of the Rethinking Scripture Podcast, we discuss and dissect some different views on … Continue reading
  • Exploring Ancient Cosmology: How It Impacts Our Experience of Rest and Sabbath”
    The term “Cosmos” refers to an orderly universe, and modern scientific advancements have greatly contributed to our understanding of its enormity and the Earth’s unique position within it. However, the perception of the cosmos has changed dramatically over time, even within our recent history. When it comes to interpreting ancient cosmology from the Bible, scholars … Continue reading
  • Introducing Michael S. Heiser and His Unseen Realm
    In episode 70 of the Rethinking Scripture Podcast. I take the whole episode to memorialize the passing of the theologian and scholar, Dr. Michael S. Heiser. In 2020, Heiser was diagnosed with an aggressive case of Pancreatic cancer. On Feb 15, 2023 he turned 60, and five days later he transitioned to experience the unseen … Continue reading
  • How Is the Sabbath Misunderstood?
    The observance of the Sabbath as a day of rest and worship, has a long and complex history in America. The Puritans who settled in New England in the 1600s were known for their strict observance of the Sabbath, and laws were enacted to enforce Sabbath-keeping. During the colonial period, the dominant form of Christianity … Continue reading
  • Why Should We Look Beyond the Sabbath’s Shadow?
    I spent most of 2016… and some of 2017… completing the “Major Project” for my Doctor of Ministry degree. Attached is a copy of my doctoral work, Beyond the Sabbath’s Shadow: A Biblical Understanding and Application of Godly Rest. If you were hoping for more detail than the Rethinking Rest material affords, you might find that … Continue reading
  • How Culture Confuses the Puzzle of the Sabbath
    Let me guess. You’re tired. You’ve got low energy. Your motivation is not what it used to be… and before you go to the doctor and get a pill to fix it you thought you’d read a little… Continue reading

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