Chapter 7 Resources

Chapter 7 – Testing the Waters of Rest


  • Download and Complete: Chapter 7 – Bible Study Lesson
  • Pre-Read Scripture for Chapter 1: Hebrews 4:1-11, Hebrews 11:1-12:2
  • Read Rethinking Rest – Chapter 7 – “Testing the Waters of Rest”


  • Discuss Your Responses to the Chapter – Bible Study Lesson w/ Others
  • Discuss Follow-Up Questions for Chapter 7
    1. Would you agree with the author’s description of biblical rest being a neighborhood of highly interconnected streets? What are some of the different parts of that neighborhood this book has discussed?
    2. This chapter introduces the idea of “sweet spots”. How would you describe that concept? What have been some sweet spots in your life?
    3. Would you agree that our sweet spots change throughout life? Give some examples of how you’ve pivoted between sweet spots in your past.
    4. This chapter presented the idea of “testing the waters” of rest. How would you describe that process? Describe an opportunity, you have right now in your life, where you could incorporate this concept?
    5. How was the “dimmer switch of faith” concept described? How does this analogy describe your interaction with faith? 
    6. How has your understanding of biblical rest has changed as a result of this study? What would you say if someone asked you, “What day is the sabbath?”
  • Watch Rethinking Rest Videos

Post-Lesson Resources:

  • Music
    • SUMMER OF ’69 – Bryan Adams – Official Music Video – Another example so someone having a hard time pivoting!