How to Use this Study

Thank you for your interest in the Rethinking Rest book and study materials. Before you begin your study, please watch this video and review the information below.
When you’re ready, click or scan the “Additional Resources” QR code to get started.
Happy studying!

-Gregory D. Hall, Author

Here’s what’s provided for each lesson:

  • Pre-Lesson Options: 
    In the pre-lesson part of your study, you’ll read and interact with relevant Biblical texts then explore those topics by thinking through some Bible study questions. With that foundation, you’ll read the corresponding chapter in the Rethinking Rest book and interact with the endnotes for that chapter.
    • Bible Lessons – Each lesson includes 8-10 Bible study questions covering different biblical texts. These lessons are designed to be completed individually. 
    • Scripture Pre-Reading: Pre-read these passages of Scripture before reading the chapters in the Rethinking Rest book.
    • Read the Corresponding Rethinking Rest Chapter: Each lesson corresponds with a chapter in the book.
    • Electronic Endnotes: Reference the chapter’s endnotes online instead of flipping back and forth in the print edition.
  • Lesson Options:
    You can customize the Lesson part of your study a number of different ways. As a group you could discuss responses to the Bible study lesson. Or you could talk through the Group Discussion Questions. In addition, each lesson has three Class Videos (audio also available). Groups may want to watch one or more of the videos within the group setting, or assign them as Pre-Lesson or Post-Lesson activities.
    • Discuss Individual Responses to the Bible Study Lesson with the group.
      • Some groups may want to discuss these question during their weekly meeting. Others may want to only use the Bible lessons for self-study.
    • Talk Through the Group Discussion Questions
      • Small Group Study: These Group Follow-Up Questions can be discussed before or after viewing class videos.
      • Self Study: Complete the lessons on your own and then discuss the lessons and Follow-Up Questions with others within the Rethinking Rest Online Forum (available soon).
    • Watch Rethinking Rest Class Videos/Listen to the Class Audio –
  • Post-Lesson Resources:
    The Post-Lesson Resources are designed to provide options to dig deeper into the ideas you’ve just studied. In this section you’ll find links to books and articles, videos, and podcast episodes by leading experts and theologians that will help you further explore the content of each chapter.
    • Each lesson includes links to outside resources for further study.
        • Links to Videos by leading scholars/theologians.
        • Links to Podcast Episodes for further study.
        • Links to books and journal articles with additional perspectives on rest.

Rethinking Rest – Additional Resources
Lesson 1 – Why Rethink Rest?
Lesson 2 – Reminders of Rest
Lesson 3 – Image-Bearing & Shadow-Casting
Lesson 4 – The Fulfillment of Rest
Lesson 5 – There Remains a Sabbath Rest
Lesson 6 – A Trifecta of Tests
Lesson 7 – Testing the Waters of Rest
Lesson 8 – Afterword – The Eighth Day

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