Launch Team Page

The Launch Team has grown to 65 people… thanks for everything you are doing!
Launch Day is January 19, 2023!

Remember… everything listed below is completely ā€œoptional” based on your desired commitment level and availability. Contact me anytime via email ([email protected]), text, or call (503-932-3478 cell).

November Activities – Let’s keep things going!

Curtis Zackery Interview Preview

Here is a “Launch Team Sneak Preview” of the recent interview I had with Curtis Zackery, Author of “Soul Rest”. The audio from this interview will be produced into podcast episode in January. But for now… it’s just for the Launch Team!

The November Meme Challenge!

Welcome to the first “Launch Team Challenge.” Challenges are never required… and are only meant to be fun. For this one, you are to create a “Rethinking Rest” meme. It can be something funny… or maybe thoughtful from what you’ve read so far.

How do I create a meme? There are several free websites available. One of the easiest to use is You just pick a picture (or upload one of your own) and add captions. Then press the “Create Meme” button. Once your meme comes up on the screen… just save it to your desktop (right-mouse click) or phone.

When you’ve created your meme… just email it to Greg ([email protected]). He will collect them and will eventually hand out big prizes* for those who participate!
* “big prizes” = worthless praise and maybe participation certificates.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with… don’t hold back!

Finding Mistakes?

What should you do if you think you’ve found a mistake in the book? Feel free to send an email ([email protected]) and let me know. In the next few weeks, I’ll have one last chance to make final corrections with the publisher.

Listen to the Audiobook!

This audio is only being shared with Launch Team members! Chapters 2 and 3 have been recorded and are in post-production! I’ll post them as soon as they’re finished.

Continue reading your copy of the book. The book is split into two files (1st Half & 2nd Half). Sorry for the hassle šŸ˜‰

Remember to start taking notes for your online “review” that you’ll post when the book launches. If you’d like some practice… you can write a short review for the Rethinking Scripture Podcast on your streaming app!

Do you know someone that might be interested in joining the Launch Team?

You can contact them to gauge their interest… or

Pass their contact information on to me and I’ll be happy to let them know about the opportunity.

I’m also interested in building relationships with church leaders, small groups/Bible studies, social media influencers, book clubs, etc. If anyone comes to mind… would you consider connecting me to them?

Provide feedback for the website. 

There’s quite a bit of information on the website, including the Online Study Resources for each chapter. These resources are available for both individual and small group use. Feedback is always welcome!

That’s all for now. Thanks again for all your help!

What’s coming up?


  1. Finish reading the bookā€¦ try writing a rough draft of the online review.
  2. Spread word about the book to family, friends, and other acquaintances over the holidays.
  3. Consider participating in the ā€œDecember Challengeā€ (TBD).
  4. Interact with book-related social media posts.


  1. Write an honest review to post on retailer sites where my book is available.
  2. Interact with book-related social media posts.
  3. Share the book with your social media audiences (which can include simply sharing my posts).
  4. Attend in-person events Launch Party (1-19-23) and/or book signings (TBD).
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