Study Outline

The Rethinking Rest Study is a thematic study of biblical rest.

All lesson resources are located in one convenient location… the Rethinking Rest Resources page! Here’s what you’ll find for each of the seven lessons:

  • Pre-Lesson:
    • Bible Lessons – Each lesson includes 8-10 Bible study questions covering different biblical texts. These lessons can be completed individually in a self study or as a part of a small group study.
    • Scripture Pre-Reading: Scripture to pre-read before reading the corresponding chapters in the Rethinking Rest book.
    • Book Chapters: The Rethinking Rest book will be available Jan 19, 2023. The Bible Lessons follow each of the book’s chapters.
    • Electronic Endnotes: Reference the book’s endnotes online.
  • Lesson:
    • Discuss Your Responses to each Chapter – Bible Study Lesson w/ Others
    • Discuss Follow-Up Questions
      • Small Group Study: In the small group setting, participants are encouraged to discuss their responses to the Bible Study Lessons and/or Follow-Up Questions prior to viewing the associated videos.
      • Self Study: Complete the lessons on your own and then discuss the lessons and Follow-Up Questions with others within the Rethinking Rest Online Forum (available in 2023).
    • Watch Rethinking Rest Videos/Listen to the Podcast Audio –
  • Post-Lesson Resources:
    • Each lesson includes links to outside resources for further study.
        • Videos
        • Podcast Episodes
        • Books/Articles
        • Websites
        • Rethinking Rest Online Q&R with the Author (available in 2023)

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