Audiobook Beta Listeners

Friends, lend me your ears. No really… I need your ears! Would you be willing to be an Audiobook Beta Listener?

Dr. John H. Walton helped edit, and has written the forward for, the Rethinking Rest book!

My Rethinking Rest book, which Dr. John H. Walton helped me edit, is scheduled for release on Jan 19, 2023, and I’ve decided to record the audiobook myself! Needless to say… I’ve never done this before. But I’ve started the process and I’m needing some feedback. That’s where you can help!

I’ve uploaded an excerpt from the first chapter of the Rethinking Rest audiobook to my Rethinking Scripture Podcast. I’d love it if you would be willing to give it a listen. The excerpt for Chapter 1 is about 20 min in length.

Getting started: Just use the following link to listen to the excerpt.

Rethinking Rest Chapter 1 Audio – Beta Excerpt

While listening: you can access the Electronic Endnotes for reference:

“Electronic Endnotes” Link

After you listen: I’d appreciate just 5 more minutes of your time to fill out the feedback form (see below). The whole process shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

For every “Beta Listener Feedback Form” received, I’ll be donating $10 to I took part in their 25-mile Swim Challenge (June, 2022) as a part of my Homes and Help Initiative. So spread the word! Your feedback is valuable to me… but will also benefit many soldiers who need support.

Beta Listener Feedback Form

I’d like to know what you think regarding my cadence, if you can understand my voice clearly, and any other constructive criticism about the overall quality of the recording. It would also be helpful if you would listen to it at different speeds… with headphones… over various types of speakers… just like you do with other audiobooks. I’d also like you to try out the Electronic Endnotes (I reference the endnote numbers in the audio). And then… let me know what you think! Future excerpts will only be available through a private link… so be sure to let me know if you would like to receive those when they are ready.

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