Rethinking Rest… the book!

I’m happy to announce I’ve found a publisher for the Rethinking Rest book! We’ve agreed on a book cover and I recently completed the editing process. The publisher has entered the production phase and has set a launch date of Jan 19, 2023!

Synopsis – Today’s concept of biblical rest… isn’t working. Our numerous discussions about “which day” and “how” the seventh-day sabbath should be observed have distracted, confused, and caused apathy within an entire generation of believers. But biblical rest is dramatically different than most suppose. The Bible’s Ancient Near-Eastern context offers a framework for how an ancient reader would have understood the concept. And a biblical world-view suggests humanity bears God’s image, and experiences rest, when pursuing and working within our God-given “place to be and thing to do.” Ironically, Jesus’ offer of rest attaches us to a yoke which is simultaneously an instrument of work and rest.

It was in my doctoral program that I first connected the discussion of a believer’s rest in Hebrews 3-4 to several Old Testament passages and the Ancient Near Eastern understanding of “restful rule.” In this book, I provide a unique and integrated framework for understanding Old Testament sabbath theology. I also examine Jesus’ claims regarding rest and the New Testament’s anticipation of God’s fully restored restful rule.

This book will challenge those, who have abandoned the sabbath, to expand their scope and reengage the topic. Those who feel disenfranchised with the practices of the modern Church will embrace the book’s deconstruction and simple practicality. It will invite you to rethink many of your long-standing beliefs about biblical rest. 

Here is a preview excerpt from part of “Chapter 1 – Why Rethink Rest”.

The book will link (via a QR Code) with the Study Resources Page on this site to provide an online study and discussion for each chapter.

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