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Chapter 1 – Why Rest Isn’t Working

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Lesson Options:

  • Discuss Your Responses to the Chapter 1 – Bible Study Lesson w/ Others
  • Discuss Group Follow-Up Questions for Chapter 1

  1. Describe the most restful vacation you’ve had. Where did you go? What activities did you do? What made it restful?
  2. The author suggests the topic of sabbath sometimes lead to cul-de-sac conversations. What does he mean? Do you agree with his conclusion?
  3. Was there anything surprising to you about what Hebrews 4:8-11 suggests about godly rest?
  4. According to Genesis 1-3, where was humanity’s place to be, and what was their thing to do?
  5. How has your life displayed humanity’s thing to do?
  6. What are some new thoughts you have about rest as a result of reading the first chapter of this book?

  • Watch Rethinking Rest Class Videos
  • Listen to Rethinking Rest Class Audio:

Week 1, Session 1 – Why Rest Isn’t Working (6:55)

Week 1, Session 2 – There Remains a Sabbath Rest (9:19)

Week 1, Session 3 – God Rested on the Seventh Day (17:38)

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